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How does marijuana affect women differently than

Marijuana use is riding high on a decade-long wave of legalization and unregulated synthetic substitutes. As society inspects the impact, a stimulating inequality has become apparent: the risks are dissimilar in females than in males. A new evaluation of animal studies says that sex variances in response to marijuana are not just socio-cultural, but biological (Read More)

What’s the link between cannabis and fertility?

There is some interesting news out of the scientific community. Recent studies have published findings on cannabis use and fertility; the results are not what you may have heard earlier. It has frequently been stated that cannabis use is related with reduced sperm counts. The University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences did a (Read More)

What Do Women Actually Want From Weed?

 As the Canadian government prepared to authorize cannabis for recreational use and some cannabis-infused oils, foods and man-made pipes abound the market, women who were once cautious of lighting up may be reassessing their previous positions on pot. But how will they use it?  Maybe the study’s most interesting disclosure is that, for women, the present (Read More)