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People who use medical cannabis more likely to use and abuse other prescription drugs

Can medical cannabis help to fight the opioid epidemic? Many believe that it can. But a new study finds that people who use medical marijuana actually have higher rates of medical and non-medical prescription drug use — including pain relievers. Rather than being at lower risk, people who use medical cannabis may be at higher (Read More)

Oncologists praise medical cannabis clinically despite not feeling sufficiently well-informed to do so

While a extensive majority of oncologists do not feel informed enough about medical cannabis utility to make clinical recommendations, most do in fact conduct deliberations on medical cannabis in the clinic and nearly half recommend it to their patients, say scientists who surveyed a population-based sample of medical oncologists. The study, is the first nationally-representative (Read More)

New understandings into the neural dangers and benefits of cannabis use

A study released today underlines both the dangers and the therapeutic potential of cannabis, revealing different effects across the lifespan. Cannabis exposure in the womb or during adolescence may disturb learning and memory, damage communication between brain regions, and distract levels of key neurotransmitters and metabolites in the brain. In Alzheimer’s, however, substances found in (Read More)

Medical cannabis for children with cancer

A study examined interdisciplinary provider perspectives on legal medical cannabis use in children with cancer. It found that 92 percent of providers were willing to help children with cancer right to use medical cannabis. Nevertheless, providers who are legally qualified to certify for medical cannabis were less open to endorsing its use. While nearly a (Read More)

Cannabis may help HIV patients keep mental strength longer

A chemical found in cannabis, known as tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, has been found to potentially slow the process in which mental decline can occur in up to 50 percent of HIV patients, says a new study. Scientists discovered that the compounds in cannabis were able to act as anti-inflammatory agents, reducing the number of inflammatory (Read More)

Cannabis legalization: Do more youth use or do youth use more?

What impact may authorization of recreational cannabis in Oregon have on teen cannabis use? Following authorization of recreational cannabis, no significant changes in the numbers of youth who used cannabis occurred, yet increases in the frequency of use by youth who were already using cannabis were found. For teenagers who had tried cannabis by 8th (Read More)

Marijuana use does not lower chances of getting pregnant

Cannabis use, by men or women, does not appear to decrease a couple’s chances of getting pregnant. About 15 % of couples experience infertility. Infertility costs the US healthcare system more than $5 billion per year, and thus identifying modifiable risk factors for infertility, including recreational drug use, is of public health importance. Cannabis is (Read More)

New marijuana products highly potent, pose mental health dangers

Schizophrenia and other psychiatric matters may be triggered by cannabis use. With states rapidly authorizing marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, physicians will be increasingly pushed to counsel patients on their frequency of use and dosage, as well as associated risks. While there is no easy way to forecast which young people might grow mental (Read More)

Is Synthetic Marijuana Risky?

Synthetic cannabinoids, K2 or AK47, might induce vomiting, loss of consciousness and trouble breathing. The Food and Drug Administration advised consumers that another batch of synthetic marijuana had been mixed with rat poison. In 10 states hundreds of people were taken to the hospital with strong bleeding, four people died. Many other parts of the country have (Read More)

Cannabis may lead non-smokers to cigarettes

Although cigarette smoking has long been weakening, cannabis use is on the rise and, inexplicably, cannabis users also smoke cigarettes. A new study informs that marijuana use was related with an increased commencement of cigarette smoking among non-cigarette smokers. They also found adults who smoke cigarettes and use marijuana are less likely to resign smoking (Read More)

Cannabis related with three-fold risk of death from hypertension

Cannabis use is related with a three-fold risk of death from hypertension, according to research published today. Steps are being taken in the direction of legalization and decriminalization of cannabis in the United States, and rates of recreational cannabis use may increase substantially as a result. However, there is little research on the impact of (Read More)

Cannabis and Cancer

Cannabis is the name given to the dried buds and leaves of varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant, which can grow wild in warm and tropical weathers all over the world and be cultivated commercially. It has many names, including pot, grass, cannabis, weed, hemp, hash, marijuana, ganja. Cannabis has been used in herbal remedies (Read More)

Is Smoking Cannabis before a Workout good for you?

Historically speaking, fitness and cannabis have never been considered the best of training buddies. Actually, you’ve perhaps thought of them as diametric counterparts. In one corner, you have the health and fitness-conscious; in the other, the stoners. But as cannabis laws have calmed, therapeutic cannabis is now legal in 29 states, while recreational cannabis is (Read More)