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Coffee impacts marijuana and steroid systems

It’s well known that a morning cup of coffee jolts you awake. But experts have exposed coffee affects your metabolism in many other ways, as well as your metabolism of steroids and the neurotransmitters typically linked to marijuana. In a study of coffee consumption, researchers were surprised to discover coffee altered many more metabolites in (Read More)

How does marijuana affect women differently than

Marijuana use is riding high on a decade-long wave of legalization and unregulated synthetic substitutes. As society inspects the impact, a stimulating inequality has become apparent: the risks are dissimilar in females than in males. A new evaluation of animal studies says that sex variances in response to marijuana are not just socio-cultural, but biological (Read More)

Does cannabis affect women in a different way than men?

Here is what researchers says about the relationship between marijuana and fertility, mental health and other. Only because marijuana use is becoming more normal, people should not lose sight of the fact that cannabis is still a psychoactive medicine. And any substance use brings some risks to your health. In spite of the work that has (Read More)