Spearmint Gum

Be fresh all get the benefits of cannabis with Spearmint Gum from The Amsterdam Company. Our gum is both biodegradable in nature and can be beneficial both when chewed and even when swallowed. The ingredients found in the gum are natural sweetener found in Birch Trees, wild peppermint, mint essential oils, sunflower lecithin supporting brain and of course, cannabis. Beside the relaxation that is given by cannabis, our spearmint gum can also give you cleaner teeth and fewer dentist bills. It can even help to overcoming snack cravings!

Our own brand of edibles are made by us in-house, Made-To-Order (meaning they are always fresh) and super delicious.

20-30g Total THC Serving THC / Serving
15.00 200mg 1 PIECE ~20mg