Parisian Mango


The perfect blend between cannabinoids and terpenes from the strains Mango Tango, Mango Kush and Hawaiian Dream, resulted in the creation of Parisian Mango, which is a solventless 99% oil vape cartridge.

All of our vape cartridges utilize a dual ceramic coil core, all steel body, and high resistance glass shell.

Hawaiian Dream energizes the mind, improves focus, prompts chattiness and laughter. Followed by body relaxation, stress relief, appetite stimulation. Controls pain, inflammation, seizures. It also induces moderate uplifting high.

Hawaiian Dream cannabis strain is a pure Sativa of unknown origin.  Mango Tango cannabis strain is a 70/30 Indica dominant marijuana hybrid. As the name suggests, this weed strongly smells and tastes of mangos with hints of peaches and citrus. The buds are dense and covered by a forest of orange hairs and crystal trichomes.

Casual users can also enjoy Hawaiian Dream without the fear of getting too high. This vape is good for morning and daytime medical and recreational use.

The Amsterdam Company vape stands apart offering an amazing and aromatic vape experience each and every time.

As we like to say in Amsterdam, Ganit van het leven. (Enjoy Life!)


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