Italian Hazelnut


The Italian Hazelnut is a potent 99% THC oil vape cartridge and it is made with a perfect combination of cannabinoids and terpenes from the strains Hazelnut Kush, Master Yoda and Butterscotch.

All of our vape cartridges utilize a dual ceramic coil core, all steel body, and high resistance glass shell.

Butterscotch cannabis strain is a unique Indica named after the delicious aroma of butterscotch candy. The buds are very dense and filled with trichomes, emit an alluring sweet aroma.

Master Yoda cannabis strain is good for evening and nighttime medicinal use. The vape induces happy cerebral high laced with creativity and uplifted mood. Followed by strong body-mind relaxation, great pain control and sedation.

The Italian Hazelnut vape is excellent in relieving stress, stimulating appetite and helps with nausea and insomnia.

The terpenes found in this strain are fragrant oils that give cannabis its aromatic diversity. They’re what give Blueberry Kush its signature berry smell, Sour Diesel its funky fuel flavor, and Lavender its sweet floral aroma. These oils are secreted in the flower’s sticky resin glands, the same ones that produce THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

The Amsterdam Company vape stands apart offering an amazing and aromatic vape experience each and every time.

As we like to say in Amsterdam, Ganit van het leven. (Enjoy Life!)


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