Italian Coffee Candies

Find the mixed taste of coffee and cannabis in The Amsterdam Company Italian Coffee Candies. When it comes to these candies, the ingredients are marijuana butter, condensed milk, coffee powder and sugar. The powerful, relaxing effects on the body make Italian Coffee Candies a great nighttime product when combating anxiety, pain, and insomnia. The effect will take at least an hour to arrive, but when it does, it will be much stronger, so go slowly. Eat very little and see how your body reacts. And, of course, between bites, leave an hour so you don’t get any fright.

Our own brand of edibles are made by us in-house, Made-To-Order (meaning they are always fresh) and super delicious.

20-30g Total THC Serving THC / Serving
15.00 200mg 1 PIECE ~20mg