Free November

Watch the video below!

The Amsterdam Company has recently made a change to how we take payment for your orders.

Starting NOVEMBER 1st The Amsterdam Company will only accept BitCoin as a form of payment.

For everyone that places an order during the month of November, you will be eligible for a Free Vape and Free Edible of your choice.   Watch the new video below on how to pay.  This applies only to your first order in November.

We are doing to this to introduce our clients to this new payment method.  We sent a message earlier about BitCoin and had an instructions page setup.  But honestly that was too complicated and cost too much in fees.  In the meantime we found a much much much simpler way to pay with BitCoin that basically has 0 fees.   And to make things even easier we’ve put together a simple to follow video below.

When you place your order this month and pay with BitCoin please be sure to tell us in the notes what Vape and Edible you want otherwise we won’t included it and you would have missed out on the deal.

Have a look at this video before you order.