How to Approach Marijuana Drinks

Marijuana drinks are not only a new way to get high. They can be used for the therapeutic advantages. Many marijuana users are absorbed by it because of this and there is a lot to be said about drinkables. You do not have to combine marijuana with alcohol, either. You can also add an amount of (Read More)

How to Make Canna-butter – Cannabis Infused Butter

Cannabis infused butter is a primary ingredient in many cannabis-infused recipes. It is technically an ‘extraction’ method whereby the cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids are taken out from the cannabis and infused into the butter. The butter from a standard recipe is then replaced with cannabutter to produce psychoactive effects. Butter is lastly overcoming the decades (Read More)

What you should know about cannabis cocktails and drinks

Have you played with the thought of bringing marijuana to your cocktails? Now that many states have authorized some form of cannabis use, the discussion about mixing alcohol and cannabis is more interesting than ever. Before preparing a marijuana-infused cocktail, there are some things you should know. This is not something that should be taken as (Read More)


The big problem worries the impact on the drinks industry, and whether a market worth US$231bn last year will go up in smoke. Inquired how industry bosses should reply, Azer says: “They should embrace it and recognize that alcohol and cannabis are substitute social lubricants.” They can either sit in their office or they can (Read More)

Women, Fitness and Cannabis Wellness

Joanna Rommel is the Founder and Coach with Forget Chronic Pain. They believe the mix of aerobic exercise, strength training, and mental skills training can help ease some of the signs of chronic pain. She debated how marijuana has helped her cope chronic pain signs and deliver a soothing night’s sleep she was unable to (Read More)

Some More Fun Facts About Cannabis

Pot is permitted in North Korea. It isn’t controlled, so there is no law against it. Weed and beer are botanical relatives. The first chronicled use of cannabis occurred in China more than 4,700 years ago. Chinese Emperor Shen Nung used it to cure illnesses as gout, malaria and rheumatism. It was banned in 500 B.C. since it (Read More)

7 Exciting Cannabis Facts From History

Cannabis has actually got a weirder and longer history than you likely knew. It has been used for everything from stomach complaints to anesthetic throughout history. And if you lived in America between about 1850 and the 1930’s, you could get it in an enormous variety of over-the-counter drugs if you popped to the pharmacy for a headache cure. (Read More)

Fun Facts About Cannabis

George Washington grew cannabis. Washington wrote in more than one letter that he grew cannabis: “Began to separate the male from female plants rather too late … Pulling up the (male) help. Was too late for the blossom hemp by three weeks or a month.” People today suspect he smoked it to ease the pain produced by (Read More)

Cannabis Comforts Epileptic Seizures?

About 40 percent of children with an unusual disorder had 50 percent less seizures while taking the cannabis derivative. Cannabidiol, a compound derived from cannabis, lessoned seizures in several children with a severe epileptic disorder. The study is the first laborious study to prove that cannabis mechanisms can effectively treat such seizures. Cannabidiol is not psychoactive and (Read More)

Tips For Making Cannabutter

Cannabinoids, precisely THC and CBD, exist in acidic and stimulated forms. In the plant, they exist practically entirely in the acidic forms identified as THCA and CBDA. When heated, these forms endure a chemical response converting the THCA to THC and CBDA to CBD. Because the water method for making cannabutter needs very low heat, (Read More)

Does cannabis affect women in a different way than men?

Here is what researchers says about the relationship between marijuana and fertility, mental health and other. Only because marijuana use is becoming more normal, people should not lose sight of the fact that cannabis is still a psychoactive medicine. And any substance use brings some risks to your health. In spite of the work that has (Read More)

What Do Women Actually Want From Weed?

 As the Canadian government prepared to authorize cannabis for recreational use and some cannabis-infused oils, foods and man-made pipes abound the market, women who were once cautious of lighting up may be reassessing their previous positions on pot. But how will they use it?  Maybe the study’s most interesting disclosure is that, for women, the present (Read More)

Teach Your Brain How to Get Weird on Marijuana

Does marijuana make you obsessive or paranoid? Then check out this guide to getting high with marijuana properly. Your brain stops you from observing individual things as more than what they are. Marijuana, when used correctly, has the astonishing ability to remove these natural restrictions on your imagination. A lot of people have adverse experiences (Read More)

Could Drugs Extend Lifespan And Delay Aging?

It has been discovered that a combination of pharmaceutical medication can meaningfully extend the lifespan of a type of worm, along with delaying the rate at which they age. This consequence could one day be functional for humans. This is ideal since it helps existing drugs. While the goal is aspiring, the researchers are taking it earnestly. To conduct (Read More)

Does Smoking Cannabis Make People Creative or Creative People Smoke Cannabis?

The question is if cannabis boosts creativity or are creative people more drawn to cannabis? A new study suggests the latter: The results showed that cannabis smokers (while sober) outclassed nonsmokers in one of the 2 tests researchers used to measure creativity and that the variance in creativity is almost certainly due to personality traits rather than (Read More)

Harvest Season: Pipes Out of Autumn Fruits and Vegetables

October has arrived, and holidays are coming our way. Halloween and Thanksgiving, holidays made for fun and pure greediness, are much more suitable for the marijuana crowd than are Christmas and New Year’s. A lesser amount of pressure, more food — and a ton of occasions to make a pipe. The autumn harvest season brings an extensive (Read More)

4 Colorado Weed Manufacturing Rules That Are About to Modify

Colorado’s marijuana industry is changing at a fast pace. The Marijuana Enforcement Division bring up-to-date its rules and guidelines every year expecting to catch up with the expanding field. The division’s annual assemblies aren’t unique to marijuana; many regulatory agencies bring up-to-date their rules each year. That’s why the division held six meetings over the (Read More)


There are many reasons of acne, like stress and hormones. If you’re weary of dealing with it, CBD oil acne could be the solution you’re looking for. Cannabidiol – CBD, is derived from marijuana. But unlike THC, CBD does not produce psychoactive effects. While THC will give you an emotional state of being high, CBD (Read More)

Flying with Cannabis

If you use marijuana, flying with it has certainly crossed your mind. Justifiably so, numerous people use marijuana as a drug and would never ponder leaving without it. The easy answer is that it is still prohibited to fly with marijuana, but TSA is not concerned with busting you for a pen and a few joints. The response (Read More)

Throwing Cannabis Dinner Party Recipe

The ceremony of a home-held meal is back with a key face-lift thanks to the rising authorization of marijuana. Here are some tips for throwing a feast sure to please taste buds and at the same time carry you to a comfortable high. Tea Creme Brulee 8 servings Heat oven to 300 degrees, bring a (Read More)

Tips and Recipes for Marijuana Halloween Party

Halloween is one of America’s most widespread party holidays. Last year it had been reported that over 66% of American grownups celebrated Halloween. One of the main rules of making cannabis edibles for parties is to keep the amounts weak or off and on only medicate one formula and leave the marijuana out of the rest. A (Read More)

Stress and Anxiety Relief for Cats and Dogs through CBD Pet Treats

CBD pet treats can relax even the most nervous, stressed-out pets CBD Pet Treats for dogs and cats offer pets a wonderful snack made from all-natural industrial hemp CBD. It gives them the chance to stay healthy while facilitating them to remain stress and anxiety-free. Dogs and cats love the CBD pet treats which give them (Read More)

Using Hash as a Culinary Ingredient

Probably in five to ten years, people will be using hash like a seasoning, adding cannabis it to smoothies, sauces, desserts etc. The benefits to using it as a cooking ingredient are great. Hash owns an earthy, intricate flavor that’s grander to grassy flowers. Check out these tips to see how to use hash as (Read More)

Pregnant California women are using more and more marijuana; the risks are not completely understood

More women – especially younger women – are testing positive for marijuana use during pregnancy in northern California, according to a new study. Young women are testing positive for the use of marijuana during pregnancy in California. Marijuana use was particularly frequent among women younger than 24 but the rate of marijuana use for women (Read More)

Marijuana in fitness

If you look back in history, cannabis and fitness have never been seen as the best of work-out friends. In fact, they are considered extremely opposites. On one side, you have the health and fitness persons; on the other side, the stoners. But when cannabis laws have relaxed, and medicinal marijuana became legal in 29 (Read More)