Children whose mothers use cannabis are more likely to try it at younger age

When mothers use cannabis during the first 12 years of their child’s life, their marijuana-using children are more likely to start at an earlier age than children of non-using mothers, according to a new study. This study is the first to create a link amid maternal cannabis use during a child’s lifetime and earlier initiation (Read More)

Does CBD Oil really work and what is it?

The popularity of medical cannabis is rising, and amid the abundant products consumers are looking for are cannabis oils —which is referred to basically as CBD oil. A large number of marketing articles and blogs state that cannabis oils can cure whatever troubles you, even cancer. But the incomplete research doesn’t recommend that cannabis oil should take the (Read More)

Heavy marijuana users experience withdrawal after quitting marijuana

As the number of Americans who frequently use marijuana has scaled, so too has the number of those experiencing marijuana withdrawal symptoms. A new study finds that 12 % of frequent cannabis smokers experienced Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome (CWS), which includes emotional, behavioral and physical symptoms. CWS was first encompassed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (Read More)

Adolescent marijuana use alters progress of planning, self-control brain areas

Young cannabis use may alter how neurons function in brain areas engaged in decision-making, planning and self-control, according to scientists at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The conclusions, which were presented at Neuroscience 2018, the annual meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, are the result of an animal model study fixated on the structural (Read More)

Cannabis Users Are Happier and More Prosperous in Life

Crushing the stereotype of the lazy pothead, new study suggests marijuana users are actually more content, more positive, and even more likely to volunteer in their communities than their nonsmoking equivalents. The study surveyed users and abstainers across a wide variety of mental, social and financial factors. These included life satisfaction levels, attitudes towards parenting and employment data. (Read More)

Allowed medical marijuana lowers opioid use

States that have accepted medical marijuana laws saw an intense decrease in opioid use, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Georgia. In states with medical marijuana dispensaries, the scientists observed a 14.4 % decrease in use of prescription opioids and almost a 7 % decrease in opiate prescriptions filled in (Read More)

Cannabis and mental disorder: Low dopamine levels matter

A new evaluation offers further understanding into how long-term cannabis use could have an adverse influence on mental condition, after finding evidence that the medication alters the brain’s reward structure to increase undesirable emotions and drop motivation. The study says there is enough evidence to suggest cannabis diminishes levels of dopamine in the brain – (Read More)

What’s the link between cannabis and fertility?

There is some interesting news out of the scientific community. Recent studies have published findings on cannabis use and fertility; the results are not what you may have heard earlier. It has frequently been stated that cannabis use is related with reduced sperm counts. The University of Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences did a (Read More)

Drugs make pain feel more tolerable

Scientists have determined that cannabinoid drugs do not seem to decrease the intensity of experimental pain, but, instead, may make pain feel less unpleasant and more tolerable. Cannabinoids are extensively used as painkillers, but experimental pain studies have produced mixed findings. Pain is a complex phenomenon with multiple proportions that can be affected separately. Cannabinoids (Read More)

THC quantities identical in most cannabis strains

Newly published study has determined that many strains of marijuana have almost identical levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), despite their exclusive street names. Marijuana breeders have factually selected strains to produce THC, CBD or both. But the growers have had partial access to different types of plants and there are few records of (Read More)

Medical cannabis could alter brain connections, bring relief

When medical cannabis is taken for enduring nerve pain, it may deliver pain relief by reducing connections between the areas of the brain that process emotions and sensory signals, according to a new study. The study looked specifically at radicular pain, a type of nerve pain that radiates from the spine into the legs like (Read More)

Popular Summer Trend – Stoned Fruits and CBD Cocktails

We all know what stone fruits are — peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots and other tree fruits that have a large seed or stone at their heart. Several of these fruits are in season during the summer and offer a great way to get your daily fruit portion. Cannabis may still be a Schedule One drug (Read More)

Teen marijuana use is not without risk

Although studies have shown that alcohol and marijuana misuse are connected to impaired cognition in youth, preceding studies were not intended to understand this relationship and distinguish whether marijuana use was fundamental or consequential to cognitive impairment. A new study shows that outside the role of cognition in susceptibility to substance use, the simultaneous and (Read More)

Washington to reconsider cannabis edibles that might appeal to kids

Certain marijuana-infused candies could start vanishing from store shelves across Washington early next year. The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board proclaimed during a meeting Wednesday that it will “reconsider” all edible cannabis products in an effort to reduce products that may be attractive to children. Washington, which allowed recreational cannabis in 2012, has long (Read More)

Marijuana Lowers Tumors and it has been known since ’74

In 1974 researchers found out that THC contracted or destroyed brain tumors in lab mice. But the study has been shut down and results destroyed, which were never replicated — until now. The term medical cannabis took on dramatic new meaning in February, 2000 when researchers publicized they had destroyed incurable brain tumors in rats (Read More)


The beauty world has been sparking up lately: marijuana is thriving in beauty products, and it is here to take your skin-care routine to a higher level. That is because the star element, known for its presumed stress-reducing and pain-relieving benefits in the wellness space, has unbelievable abilities when it comes to topical, skin-boosting use. You already know that swelling is (Read More)


In the midst of a painkillers’ epidemic, some patients select marijuana to comfort pain and inflammation caused by arthritis. Research is showing THC and CBD can be useful against arthritis symptoms with no side effects. Arthritis shows any disorder that touches joints with pain, stiffness, swelling and reduced mobility. This is the most common reason (Read More)

Cannabis and Caffeine: 4 Tips for Enjoying Weed and Coffee Together

Weed and coffee are a magical combination. But it’s not really magic that makes them complement one another so perfectly, it is science. Apart from the pleasant bitterness of coffee and the strong flavor of smoke melding together on a sensory level, there are deeper chemical responses that help clarify why we found a diversity (Read More)

Cannabis Is Powering the Fitness Movement

Recreational cannabis use has now been legal in California for some time now. At first sight, you’d certainly not know that anything has changed. People who chose to opt out of vaping THC could like the anxiety-quelling benefits of CBD baked into “cookies” made of bunches of organic seeds sweetened with dried fruit and cinnamon. (Read More)

Cannabis and Cancer

Cannabis is the name given to the dried buds and leaves of varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant, which can grow wild in warm and tropical weathers all over the world and be cultivated commercially. It has many names, including pot, grass, cannabis, weed, hemp, hash, marijuana, ganja. Cannabis has been used in herbal remedies (Read More)

Is Smoking Cannabis before a Workout good for you?

Historically speaking, fitness and cannabis have never been considered the best of training buddies. Actually, you’ve perhaps thought of them as diametric counterparts. In one corner, you have the health and fitness-conscious; in the other, the stoners. But as cannabis laws have calmed, therapeutic cannabis is now legal in 29 states, while recreational cannabis is (Read More)