Artists of all ranges have by tradition used cannabis to augment their creativity and expand the limits of their artwork. Painters, sculptors, musicians, photographers, called cannabis as a major influence and it will certainly be a factor for many years to come. But to truly explore this link, we will have to dig deeper into the cultural impact along with taking a peek into the future of innovation.

Current Relationship

In spite of the abundant amount of evidence, there is some scientific thinking behind the impact of cannabis on art. Actually, cannabis has an essential relationship with art and creativity. Cannabis has the capacity to stimulate the brain’s frontal lobe – an area extremely active in creative people.

Cannabis affects everyone in a different way and what works well for one artist might be disastrous for another. Remember that cannabis grows frontal lobe activity. Finding the right measure is imperious for artists, as it can help raise their work and enlarge their minds to open up new possibilities.

Artists who fight anxiety may prefer a comforting indica whereas others may look for a rousing sativa to help raise their creativity to new heights. Regardless their personal inclination, cannabis has been helping artists create exciting work for hundreds of years. Many renowned figures have consumed cannabis to influence their work. Shakespeare used to consume cannabis as stimulus in his play-writing as well as Pablo Picasso to fuel his painting style.

As cannabis and art often call to a similar crowd, there are many cannabis events that include art into parties. There is a strong exemplification of art culture at cannabis events.

We will see in time how the relationship between art and cannabis develops. What is certain is that cannabis will always have a place in among artists as a major. As demonstrated by the growing number of cannabis and art events across the country, marijuana consumers are just as concerned by art culture as they are by cannabis culture.