Award winning, finely crafted cannabis creations

15 Strains of Flower

Flower Is Back On The Menu

The Amsterdam Company is very proud bring back our amazing 15 high potency, indoor grown organic strains of cannabis.  There buds represent the pinnacle of years and years of growing experience.  Specially grown for our ultra pure vape cartridges, they are now made available for the general public to enjoy.  Consistently testing between 35-37% THC, these buds are the strongest in the world by a wide margin.

Strains include the amazing Fire OG, Super Blue Dream and Pure OG

Worlds Best Vapes

New Oil, New Pen, New Everything

We have taken our most popular product and improved everything about it.  Our new and ever improving THC distillate oil is now more pure, smoother and provides a broader spectrum of effects.  Holding the new oil is our vastly improved vape cartridge.  NO MORE leaking, clogging or burning.  YES MORE oil flow, air flow and cleaner larger hits each and every time.  Powering the new cartridge is our new touch controlled advanced battery.

What is a vape without the best oil, best cartridge and best battery?

10 Wonderful Edibles

Amazing Edibles from Boutique to Traditional.

The Amsterdam Company is very proud to present our new Signature Boutique and Traditional cannabis edibles.  These represent the most delicious hand crafted cannabis edibles on the market.  Including rarities like Macaroons and Meringues as well as more traditional Brownies and Gummy Bears.  Each edible is potent, delicious and a treat.  When you have one of our edibles you are experiencing the best of the best with each and every bite.

And there’s more, so much more…

Improved Pre-Rolls

We Listened To You

The Amsterdam Company can now confidently say we sell some of the best pre-rolls on the market.  Over the past year we listed to you and took your feedback to heart.  We improved the smoke-ability, the potency, the spectrum of effect and even the size of the grind.  We can now say with pride that we have truly wonderful pre-rolls that we know you’ve love.

Specialty Accessories

Unique, Rare and Very Useful

The Amsterdam Company is very is happy to offer a new full line of cannabis accessories to our clientele.  Some are rare, some are unique and all are very handy when spending some quality time with Mary Jane.  As with everything we offer, these are the best, highest quality cannabis accessories on the market.